Visa Information

To request an invitation letter for visa application, please send the following information

1. Registration confirmation number

2. Paper number AND title (if applied)

2. Full name including Salutation (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Prof., etc.), in the order of Salutation, Given (First) Name, Family (Last) Name

4. Contact information, including:
- Affiliation (business or school)
- Email address
- Mailing address (if you need a hard copy)

5. Passport information, including:
- Gender
- Nationality
- Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
- Passport number
- Passport expiration date (DD/MM/YYYY)

6. Travel information, including:
- Date of arrival
- Date of departure
- Hotel (If it is different from conference hotel)

7. City where has a China embassy or consulate for your visa application

to Local Chair, Prof. Qiguang Miao at

In case you do not receive a reply in 48 hours, please contact General Co-Chair, Prof. Xilin Chen at